Site Updates

  • Added Analytics to website.
  • Updated Homepage and projects.
  • Repaired bad links.
  • Changed Branch managment on github.

To Do

  • Complete Homepage index.html
  • Complete projects
  • https support
  • site redesign

Music Update

Currently working on new music, check the projects page for more info.

Life update

A lot of progress have been put on hold currently working on repairing computers and mainly assisting a friend starting a youtube channel. The channel is aimed to be a vlog channel I have been assisting with video design, editing, and brand creation, currently still working on content, will update more in the future. Also looking forward to a new game coming out called: Of King and Men, it has a lot of Mount Blade elements and it has a open multiplayer world, would highly recommend checking it out if you are into that. Stay Positive Looking forward to updating soon!